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AXIA is a private educational organization, licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education and accredited by the National Organization for the certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P.) that incorporates the following institutional activities: a Vocational Training Institute, a Lifelong Learning Centre and a Training Support Centre.

The main objective of the organization is to contribute to the personal and professional development of employed, unemployed and socially vulnerable groups in terms of qualification and specialization through the implementation of a wide range of a) accredited training programs which lead to the national certification exams and the acquisition of the necessary work permit, b) subsidized training programs for employees of the private sector in topics related to their sector and c) voucher programs for the unemployed leading to accreditation of new skills.

Their expertise lies in designing and conducting innovative training programs in areas of identified market needs such as ICT, Security Studies, Hygiene and Safety of Food Products, Marketing, Pedagogies, UAV (drone) Studies, Psychology etc.